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Kona Whale Watching and Sport Fishing Charters

Year-round, off the Kona Coast of the Big Island of Hawaii
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Captain Tom Bottrell

Living Ocean Adventures offers personalized boat charters (six-passengers maximum) with owner-operator Captain Tom Bottrell, a professionally trained marine ecologist and USCG licensed Master since 1977, aboard his Bertram 31' Sportfisherman SPINNER. Captain Tom sailed into Kona in 1975 with Project Jonah to study whales and dolphins, and has been here ever since.

"Living Ocean Adventures boat charters are always led by me. My formal education, ecological research training, and 35+ years experience on Kona waters have combined to produce a specialized approach to each charter. Every ocean excursion of mine is unique, from the fish we catch and the birds we see to the whale and dolphin behaviors we observe. Overlaying it all are the effects of Hawaii’s varying sub-tropical seasons and the greater Pacific Ocean weather patterns. I try to integrate all that we see and experience into a picture that helps to expand your understanding Hawaii’s marine ecosystem and enhance your enjoyment of Kona’s beautiful ocean environment."

Captain Tom Bottrell

  • Charters are available on a share (per-person) basis or exclusively where only you, your family or group have the whole boat. 
  • Charters are available for 4 hours and can be whale watching; sport fishing; a combination of both; or a unique adventure designed by you and your group.
  • Complimentary bottled water and cooler space with ice are provided.
         Good Friends out Whale Watching ans Sport Fishing

Good Friends Enjoying a Pilot Whale Watching Trip

Exclusive 4-hour Charters $520

Living Ocean Adventures

Humpback Whale Breech

Whale Watching

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Sport Fishing

Pilot Whale - Kona

Pilot Whale Watching Us?

Pelagic Seabirds in Kona

Pelagic Seabird Watching

Bertram 31 Spinner Kona, HI